Church Announcements & Notices

Please let Gary and Cath Davies know by Wednesday Evening if you have any News, Notices or Stories you wish included in the notices next week.

TEL: 01342 844984   or  EMAIL:


Please remember to save all your used postage stamps for Canine Partners.  There is a box in the café on the right hand shelf.  Thank you

BOOKINGS  After 21 years I am handing over the bookings to Margo Coleman from 1st January 2020.  There will be a dedicated mobile phone number which sends and receives texts and calls.  07907 878111. I am very grateful to Margo and I ask you all to be very tolerant as she settles into a busy job.  The rental rates remain the same at present.  Church Hall £13.00 per hour, School Hall and Kitchen £13.00 per hour, Fellowship Room £9.00 per hour, Café £10.00 per hour.  The keys for outside rentals will continue to be looked after by Diana Williams and myself.

Thank you for your patience over the past years.  Marion Agate.

We’re sure everyone would like to thank Marion for her many years of hard work in charge of letting the premises and bringing in valuable and much needed funds for Horley Methodist Church.


A big thank you to Diane Collins and the members of FiTCH for the Christmas service last Sunday.  To Katherine Saunders and Isaballe Grace who organised the Nativity and made sure everyone had a costume! To all the young people who took part, and of course to Andy Roberts who narrated the most wonderful story ever told.