Reverend Gillian Baalham

Born in Rugby in Warwickshire, I have spent most of my adult life in East Anglia, where our immediate family still live, and where my wife, AJ, and I met. We moved to Bedford in 2013 as I was stationed to North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit as a probationary minister.

I’ve always been a Methodist, although it was a close call: Mum was Methodist and Dad Church of England – but it was Market Place Methodist Church who offered an umbrella after their first visit for a very rainy walk to the station – and so it stuck!

It took a long time to accept God’s call to ministry, and yet, here I am, looking forward to my second appointment, to the Redhill & East Grinstead Circuit, where we have already been made to feel very welcome.

Rev. Gillian Baalham

AJ is grateful for a transfer from Bedford to Crawley B&Q, and we are enjoying finding our way round, wondering at the beauty of the area and the warmth of its people.

I look forward to spending time with you all, sharing life, faith and fellowship, and all the twists and turns of life as we each walk the road ahead of us.

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    Prayer Of The Day – A daily prayer form the Methodist Prayer Handbook

    • Thursday, 02 Dec 2021
      on 2 December 2021 at 12:26 am

      Teach us, good Lord, to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost; to fight and not to heed the wounds; to toil and not to seek for rest; to labour and not to seek for any reward, save that of knowing that we do your will; through Christ our Lord. AmenIgnatius of Loyola (1491-1556)Heavenly Lord, weaver of life and cementer of relationships, we pray that you will weave us into your goodness and into each other. Give us grace we pray, to follow closely in the way of your Son by offering a place of belonging at your table to immigrants, to people who are homeless, to people seeking asylum and to all who find themselves on the margins of our society. Help us, Lord, to offer all who need it a new and safe place in which to be. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.Jongikaya Zihle, London District Chair