Reverend Felicity Al-Hassan

It is my privilege to be the Minister at Horley Methodist Church, a welcoming and vibrant community of Christian people. I warmly invite you to join us for any of our activities and find yourself among friendly and welcoming group of people.

If you wish to discuss requests for baptisms, weddings or other Christian rites or discuss more personal matters or to be accompanied in prayer, please use the facility below to drop me an email.

Wishing you every blessing and God’s peace,

Revd Felicity.

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Prayer Of The Day – A daily prayer form the Methodist Prayer Handbook

  • Monday, 06 Apr 2020
    on 6 April 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Power of God, be our protection; Wisdom of God, be our guide;Word of God, be our inspiration; Shield of God, be our defence;Son of God, be our salvation; now and always. Amen.Saint Patrick’s Breastplate, Book of Armagh, 9th centuryFaithful God,when you call, may we respond;when we falter, be our guide.When you speak, may we hear;when we question, be our wisdom.When you ask, may we answer;when we hesitate, be our resolve.When you show, may we see;when we disregard, be our conscience.When you lead, may we follow;when we stray, be our shepherd.When you send, may we go;when we fear, be our courage.When you challenge, may we listen;when we fail, be our rock.When you give, may we receive;and may we love, as you first loved us. Amen.Paul Martin, Bolton and Rochdale District Chair