Our church is more than just a building; it is a living community that has many members with a diversity of gifts. This website is very much a part of that. As you view these pages you will find a range of different activities and people.

Horley Methodist Church is part of the Redhill and East Grinstead circuit which also includes  Reigate and Crawley. As a circuit we are part of the South East District of the Methodist Church.

At H.M.C. we desire and strive together to better live out what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. Our focus and hopes as a church are directly related to the experiences we have had as we walk together as a congregation. Friendships are a big part of who we are. Our sense of responsibility to our wider community is challenging us to service through our church development program.

As a congregation, we grapple with what it really means to go “into all the world and preach the good news to all creation – Mark 16:15 NIV ”, We are striving to use our different gifts and to work together to make a difference in Christ. As a visitor to this website, our prayer is that you will give Him all the glory!

Originally there were two types of Methodists worshipping in Horley. The Primitive Methodists had a chapel in the High Street. In 1909 a grant was given to a Wesleyan Methodist group who met in a room above what is now Lloyds Bank, also in the High Street. The first service was held on 3 October 1909 and was conducted by a lay preacher, Mr C.E. Gentle. At a meeting of the trustees held in the room on 20 July 1910 it was decided to build a new church.

By 11 March two years later their hopes were realised and the “Wesley Hall” was opened on that date. The Sunday School first started on 30 October 1912. On 29 March 1939 a new Primary Hall was opened and the chairs in the church were replaced by oak pews. A pipe organ and pulpit were also put in. By this time the Primitive Methodists had left their chapel and joined with the Wesleyans to become the Methodist Church.

Electric lights and hearing aids were also installed in the church about 1939-40. By 1956/57 the congregation had grown so much that it was decided to build a new church. The old church became the church hall. Rev. Bertram Woods and his congregation raised £16,000 out of £22,000 needed to build the new church. (The late and dearly remembered Wyn Maynard was fond of saying that it was built partly on the foundations of her home made marmalade!). The pulpit, organ and pews (with more added) were installed in the new church from the old.

The present building was opened on 11 June 1960 by Mrs F. Bartlett Lang, and the preacher on that day was Rev. Edward Rogers who was to become President of the Methodist Conference. The church is spacious and is somewhat unusual (though not unique) for a Methodist church because it is in the shape of a cross and has stained glass windows.

The suite of rooms at the side which includes the Fellowship Room was added in the 1970s, during the ministry of the late Rev. Leslie Holdsworth.

In 1939 Messrs. Hill, Norman and Beard quoted £80 to build an organ. Our organist at that time knew the organist of Westminster Abbey, Dr Bullock, and consulted him. Dr Bullock drew up a specification for a small organ which Hill, Norman and Beard agreed to build for £478.15s.0d. (£478.75), provided that Dr Bullock signed a statement to say that it was his specification and that he would play it at the opening ceremony. At that time Hill, Norman and Beard were re-building Norwich Cathedral organ which had been damaged by fire, and some of the undamaged pipes were put in our organ. In 1960 it was moved into the new church from the old church at a cost of £420. In 1981 for £8000 it was cleaned and refurbished as follows:

  • 79 pipes taken out, cleaned and re-tuned
  • 591 little leather bellows replaced

  • Dust of decades removed!

Compiled (from various sources) by Mary Stemp.

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