Morning Duty Rota for Church Stewards

 Date Vestry Prayer Notices & Welcome Reader Audio Visual Music Door Stewards Coffee
04-Jan-15 Ian* Chris Clive Alan Sheila, Peter & Penny Andy Jacqui & Heather
11-Jan-15 Phil Linda Andy Mary Sheila, Peter & Penny Ian & Jane Alan & Victoria
18-Jan-15 United Service Churches for Horley
25-Jan-15 Jenny Phil Elaina Phil Sheila, Peter & Penny Pam & Irene Betty & Anne
01-Feb-15 Chris* Ian Richard C Clive Sheila, Peter & Penny Linda Mary & Margo
08-Feb-15 Linda Jenny Chris Alan Sheila, Peter & Penny Chris Alan & Victoria
15-Feb-15 Chris Ian Graham Andy Sheila, Peter & Penny Richard C Pam & Irene
22-Feb-15 Ian Phil Linda Mary Sheila, Peter & Penny Andy Jeanette & Linda
01-Mar-15 Linda* Chris Dorothy Clive Sheila, Peter & Penny Ian & Jane Jacqui & Heather
08-Mar-15 Jenny Chris Jenny Phil Sheila, Peter & Penny Cynthia Mary & Margo
15-Mar-15 Phil Ian Phil Mary Sheila, Peter & Penny Linda Anne & Betty
22-Mar-15 Ian Linda Barbara Alan Sheila, Peter & Penny Pam & Irene Pam & Irene
29-Mar-15 Jenny Chris Richard C Andy Sheila, Peter & Penny Cynthia Richard C & Andy

Morning Notice Steward is to contact the Preachers for both services to receive notification of hymns and readings. Advise Sheila , Peter H & Penny of the hymns, contact the readers directly and advise Andy, Christine O, Hannah, Graham & AVA operator of hymns, songs and readings.Stewards unable to undertake their duties should arrange substitutes from the other stewards. Substitutes will take on all appropriate responsibilities. * Denotes assisting with communion. People who need to swap Reader,Coffee,Sound and Music duties,please make your own arrangements, but please inform the relevant Notice Steward of the day of the changes and make a note of the changes on the rota in the Café.

Date Vestry Prayer Notices & Welcome Reader Music
11-Jan-15 Ian Ian Ian Sheila, Peter & Penny
08-Feb-15 Phil Jenny Dorothy Sheila, Peter & Penny
08-Mar-15 Ian Ian Ian Sheila, Peter & Penny