Junior Mission for All

JMA (Juniour Mission for All) members collect money each week from family members and the church congregation, each member receives a quarterly magazine called Rainbow, it’s called rainbow to remind us of God’s promise to Noah and all living creatures that he would never flood the whole world again (read about it in Genesis Chapter 6.)

Where does the money go?

All sorts of places! Most of the money goes to our ‘partner churches’ overseas for mission, but 20p out of every £ stays at ‘home’ and is spent on mission here in the UK.

JMA members make a promise too and it is I promise to learn, pray and serve with the world-wide church of Jesus Christ.

How do they keep the promise…

Read the magazine and join in the activities in church and learn Pray for the people they have learnt about They will be able serve by collecting money from friends at church and family.

At the end of each year all members receive a badge and a thank you certificate, in a special service at church.

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